Differences and Similarities between Microlearning and Nanolearning [Infographic]

I’m positive most of you’re conversant in small studying nuggets termed microlearning. This highly effective snackable content material that’s simple to understand, has a super size between 2 to five minutes, in accordance with an ATD article. However, it’s not typically that the perfect size is adopted, as the identical article mentions that almost all organizations develop microlearning that’s between 10-15 minutes lengthy. So, are you able to snack on one thing that’s smaller than microlearning? The reply to that query is nano learning.


Here’s Comprehensive Information on Microlearning.


The truth that it takes lower than two minutes of a learner’s time is what makes nano learning fascinating.  It’s a particularly brief coaching module that teaches learners precisely what they should know at their moment-of-need. As an illustration, in case your microlearning module teaches learners the right way to generate studies utilizing an enterprise app, your nano learning might be one thing so simple as educating learners the right way to enter the enterprise app and log into it. In fact, nano learning just isn’t appropriate for first-time learners. however, it may be used as refresher training.

What else differentiates microlearning from nano learning? Whereas microlearning can be utilized as impartial standalone studying modules offering formal studying or as casual studying sources to enrich formal coaching, nano learning is used for casual studying.

Right here’s a fascinating infographic on these two types of snackable content material, that tells you not simply the variations but additionally how a lot alike these two coaching methods are.

Microlearning vs Nanolearning



Arif Sharif
Arif Sharif

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